The Importance of House Floor Plans for Landlords

The Benefits of House Blueprints & What They Are Used For

House floor plans for your property are now commonplace in the property sales and lettings markets. With the digital revolution, the initial point of contact with both buyers and renters is made online. Having a good quality floor-plan will not only make your listing look more professional, it will also save time by filtering prospects who have a genuine interest after seeing a property suits their needs. In fact, an online listing missing the blueprints found in a house floor plan can be viewed as suspicious and will be instantly dismissed by some potential home buyers and renters.

So, you might be wondering just how popular are house floor plans these days? According to a recent survey by Rightmove, an astonishing 43% of landlords would now expect a floor plan to be included as standard when an estate agent is marketing their property. Numbers like this emphasis the importance of including home floor plans with a property listing. The floor plan software provider Metropix now states that a whopping 11% of properties have now had a floor plan created for marketing purposes.

Different Types of House Plan

There are many different types of house plan available on the market and choosing the correct type can be daunting. Different types of house plans include the following:

  • House blueprints
  • House floor plans
  • House drawings
  • Room planners
  • Architectural plans

This is by no means a definitive list and the options available for properties goes on and on. Another popular choice for marketing your properties are 360 virtual tours, another service that No Letting Go are able to offer to its customers. For the purpose of marketing a property online there are two options landlord and estate agents alike should be considering boosting the success of their property listings. These are simple 2D floor plans and 3D floor plans in some instances.


A simple 2D floor plan is often enough to maximise the benefits of detailing the layout of a home in an online listing. These are often in the format of PDF or JPEG files that can easily be viewed online by most modern devices. When accompanied with photos, the viewer will get a solid understanding of the property before a viewing takes place and will decide if it is the right property for them. It is important for this process to take place prior to visiting as it saves wasting the time of both the seller and the buyer. These plans are offered at a reasonable price across No Letting Go’s nationwide network and you can easily find a local service provider for a quote.


Many software companies allow for floor plans to be converted into 3D models. This can be a nice touch, especially when marketing a high value property. However, for the purpose of marketing most properties, a 2D home floor plan would be sufficient.

How Can I Get Floor Plans for My House?

If you were wondering “how can I get floor plans of my house” then it could not be easier. Simply find your local No Letting Go office and get in touch for a quote. If you already use No Letting Go’s services, why not get a floor plan added on to you next check-out to save yourself both time and money? With our track record, you always know that the services you will receive will be of the highest quality and conducted by fully insured property professionals.

Professional Floor Plans Online

In most instances, the floor plans will be viewed online via a property listing websites such as Rightmove or Zoopla. These plans will also be made available on agent’s websites as well in the printed materials given to prospects when viewing a property. It is import not to cut corners and make sure the level of the floor plan is good to give the right impression.

What Our House Floor Plans Include

The floor plans offered by No Letting Go are of the 2D house floor plan type. This can be offered in many file types to suit the needs of the listing; should this be PDF, JPEG or any other file type. For a quote please find your local No Letting Go office and get in touch, we will be more than happy to assist you. We can also offer your further property services such as:

For a full list of the services on offer from No Letting Go, please visit our services section of our website.

Professional House Photography

To get the most out of your property listing, your house floor plan should always be accompanied with professional home photography. You can also take this further and have a 360 virtual tour carried out at the property. This will give prospects a real feel for the property before evening visiting.

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