Good relationships are built on trust, which holds true between a tenant and landlord. To help foster a good relationship to ensure a more harmonious tenancy, here are our top tips for building and reinforcing that trust.

8 Tips for Tenants and Landlords to Build Mutual Trust

1. Ensure the property is well maintained.

Tenants feel safe and more secure knowing you care for their safety and well-being. Ensure that gas and electrical equipment are serviced as necessary, carbon monoxide and fire alarms are fitted as required, and inventories are completed to ensure that the property is maintained in good order and problems are identified early.

2. Make time for managing your property.

Property management isn’t a 9 to 5 job; it takes an investment of time and effort to be a good landlord. If you don’t have the time to manage your property and deal with tenants’ needs, consider using third-party support to ensure your investment works for you and your tenants.

3. Communicate

Make sure your tenant can speak with you when they need you and share key information in good time. Having clear channels of communication in place that flow both ways makes it easy and convenient to share important information.

4. Read the lease agreement

Tenants also need to understand their obligations, and the lease agreement defines the relationship between both parties. So, it’s an important document for laying the foundations of a good relationship. Following the lease agreements helps prevent any surprises that can break trust with either party.

5. Report damage immediately

Let the landlord know you care for their property and will take action to minimise harm by reporting problems quickly. However, be mindful of what you can fix yourself within the terms of the lease agreement to minimise the impact of a problem. For the landlord’s part, when a fault is reported, act promptly or tenants may start reacting to deteriorating living conditions through complaints.

6. Keep the property clean

If tenants want their landlord to maintain their property, they also have to play their part, keeping it clean and well-ventilated to prevent mould, dampness and pest infestations.

7. Pay rent on time every time

This should always happen, but if you are struggling as the tenant, let your landlord or agent know in advance to discuss alternative arrangements.

8. Be a good neighbour

Landlords don’t want to deal with complaints from neighbours about antisocial or inconsiderate tenants, so it isn’t just the landlord you need to maintain good relations with for a successful tenancy.

Building the foundations for good relations

Building and maintaining a good tenant-landlord relationship starts with laying the right foundations on both sides, with the expectations of each party clear from the outset.

No Letting Go’s range of services covering pre-tenancy, first-day check-ins, and mid- and end-of-tenancy inspections ensure that tenants and landlords start off with the same expectations consistently upheld through regular inspections.

Not only do they offer landlords reassurance regarding their property, but tenants are also reassured that the property is being maintained for their safety and comfort and assessed by an impartial third party.

Our inventories, check-ins and management services help all parties to respect boundaries and be clear over their responsibilities, reminding landlords that their property is the tenant’s home and tenants that their home is the landlord’s property.

No Letting Go

If you would like to discuss how our local and national support network at No Letting Go can become your inventory partner, streamlining costs and reducing your workload, then contact No Letting Go today for a no-strings consultation.

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