Estate & Block Property Management Services
We provide nationwide coverage for estate management and fire asset reporting. Our regular reports can form a vital part of effective and compliant estate management practices.

We are able to conduct weekly, monthly, and six monthly estate visits to inspect and test fire assets and estate facilities. Our reports are digital, include photographs as appropriate, and have an audit trail. Clients have full access to our software suite and can order estate visits, track progress and see reports in one easily accessible desktop dashboard. We are also able to provide software licenses so that your own personnel can produce reports, or you can use a combination of your inspectors and ours.

Our highly experienced consultant Technical Fire Adviser can advise on Fire Risk Assessments and inspection requirements so you can be sure of your compliance with the latest legislation.

We can report on a weekly, monthly, or six monthly basis (depending on assets) on Fire Assets and Communal Areas.

What do we check for during a block inspection?
Smoke Vent Equipment
Fire Detection + Fire Alarm System
Fire Doors
Emergency Lighting
Means of Escape
Fire Extinguisher
Dry & Wet Risers
Automatic Doors

Fire and Safety
One of the biggest hazards in poorly managed blocks are fire safety failures. It common to find things such as bikes, pushchairs and even rubbish blocking hallways and fire escapes. A No Letting Go block inspection will check and make you aware of these risks so the appropriate action can be taken. Undertaking these reports also demonstrates due diligence as a block manager to ensure the health and safety of residents is being upheld.

Fire Door Inspection Service
No Letting Go provide a Fire Door Inspection Service. This service is to assess and report on whether relevant Fire Doors meet the requirements of the The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 which are a legal requirement for all multi-occupied residential buildings in England with storeys over 11 metres in height from January 2023

The legislation requires property owners to undertake quarterly checks of all fire doors in common areas, including self-closing devices and to make ‘best endeavours’ to carry out yearly checks of all flat entrance doors, including any self-closing devices that lead onto a building’s common parts.

No Letting Go will provide the following checks inclusive of the 5 point fire door check and document within a property visit, inventory, check out report or as an independent visit if required:

  • Inspect, assess and report on the Fire Doors in the property and specifically comment on:
  • Any alterations or damage to a door’s glazing
  • Whether any gaps around the door frame exceed 4mm
  • Any missing hinges or screws to the hinges
  • Whether the door closer shuts the door.
  • Any visible damage, either deliberate or from wear and tear to the door or door closer
  • Whether the door closes correctly around the whole frame
  • Whether the intumescent door strips are intact with no apparent damage
  • Whether the ironmongery to the door including the handle is intact with no apparent damage
  • Whether a fire door FD30 certification label/plug is present on the side/top edge.
  • Whether the integral letter box is functioning (open and closes securely)
  • The report will include photographs of all doors inspected


Fire Assets
Testing for correct operation and visual inspections of Fire Alarms, Smoke Vents (AOVs), Emergency Lighting (flick test), Smoke Detectors, Lift Autodiallers. Inspection for damage and integrity of Fire Doors, Fire extinguishers, Hose Reels, Fire Hydrants, Sprinklers, Dry and Wet Risers. Inspection of Means of Escape – we check that routes are clear and directional signage in place where required.

Communal Areas
Inspections of Barrier Arms, Vehicle and Pedestrian Gates, Roller Shutter Doors, Raising Bollards, Automatic Sliding Doors. Report on cleanliness, damage to décor, leaks, floor damage/hazards, lighting, general maintenance requirements, riser cupboards, signage, emergency contact details, rubbish and bin chutes.  External areas including boundaries and fences, trees, driveways, car parks and paths, gates and entrances, gardens and landscaping, play areas, outlets, drains and soakaways, CCTV, window, roofs, entrances, waste and fly tipping, entry systems, rainwater goods, lighting, refuse areas, outbuildings.

Estate & block cleanliness & condition
It well known that the communal areas in blocks are often not treated with the same love and respect as people’s private homes. As a result, these areas are prone to falling into disrepair; falling victim to damage, vandalism or even just a lack a persistent care. It may also well be the case that these issues go unreported and can get worse over time. Our block inspections can identify these issues and prevent the exacerbation of situations.

In blocks and estates, maintenance is a seemingly never-ending constant. Not only will our reports identify maintenance issues, but they can also check the quality of works carried out are up to standard. Some of our clients have portfolios all over the UK and in many instances, it is not feasible for their own staff to attend every building in the portfolio. We can help by saving you both time and money, checking the works for you and providing a detailed evidenced report.

A bespoke service level agreement
No matter what your needs may be, we at No Letting Go can create a bespoke report to meet your need whatever they may be. Get in touch and find out how we can help you!

Other services we can offer whilst on site

Legionella Risk Assessments
One of the many legal responsibilities that landlords and letting agents have is ensuring that their properties are free of the Legionella bacteria, which can cause health problems to more vulnerable tenants or to any member of the public that may visit the property. If you have not the time to investigate and learn the requirements or able to visit your property, No Letting Go provide a guaranteed national service. If you would like one of our qualified inspectors to complete a Legionella Risk Assessment for any of your properties, then please contact us for availability.

360 Virtual Tours
Another service we can offer with our block property management inspections are 360 virtual tours to truly capture everything. These tours are ideal for looking back on those are that are not obvious as well as providing a point of reference to look back upon.


Additional Services

We provide a number of property related services for letting and management agents, housing associations and retirement rentals.

Additional Services

We provide a number of property related services for letting and management agents, housing associations and retirement rentals.