As a landlord or letting agent, check-in and check-out inventory reports are an integral part of your ongoing property management. Here’s how they differ and why they also work so well together.

What is a check-in report?
At the beginning of a tenancy, a check-in report is completed with the incoming tenants. This is a checklist of key points that can be tailored to the specific needs of the property and will assess each item on the checklist so that there’s a clear and concise record of the property’s condition – from day one.

Check-in reports can be completed with new tenants as you welcome them to the property. Alternatively, at No Letting Go, we also offer an automated check-in and signing service.

Why do you need a check-in report?
Completing a check-in with new tenants is a great way to start off a tenancy on a good footing. Right from the beginning, you and your tenants will have an agreement on the current state of the property and a clear understanding of the expectations of how that property should be maintained.

What is a check-out report?
Completed at the end of the tenancy, the check-out report ensures the property is returned to the condition it was when your tenants first moved in.

A check-out report entails a thorough inspection of the property so that any actions needed to return the property to an acceptable state can be highlighted. It will cover aspects such as cleanliness, contents, any damage and the property’s overall condition.

The benefits of a check-out report?
As a check-out report assesses the state of the property at the end of a tenancy, it enables parties to quickly determine what needs to be done before a tenant can ensure their deposit is returned.

In addition to providing clarity to tenants, check-out reports will create a smooth transition between tenants and can minimise the maintenance needed between lettings, reducing the time the property is left vacant.

The combined value of check-in and check-out reports
Check-in and check-out reports bookend a tenancy and provide a comprehensive audit trail so that changes to the property during the tenancy are clearly flagged. Because of this, they are invaluable in preventing or resolving disputes between landlords and tenants over who is responsible for damages and repairs.

Why choose No Letting Go for your check-in and check-out reports?
Regulations relating to rental properties change regularly. Completing one of our reports is an efficient way to ensure that you are fully compliant and are looking after the investment you’ve made in your property.

And because our reports are so comprehensive, we guarantee that properties are protected by our reports, with only 0.01% of cases ending up in adjudication.

Using our reports saves landlords and letting agents time and money as part of a very flexible, comprehensive service, with the added benefit of our DigiSign automated signing service.

No Letting Go
If you would like to discuss how our local support or national network at No Letting Go could become your inventory partner with a fast, efficient and cost-effective check-in and check-out report inventory service, then contact No Letting Go today.


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