Inventory and schedule of condition

An Independent and Unbiased Professional Reporting service.

No Letting Go property inventory reports are detailed, clear and transparent for all parties.  Our inventories provide written and photographic reports listing the condition and contents of the property, including the standards of cleanliness.  Each report will provide a safety section to record the information required to evidence compliance to smoke/CO and fire furnishing regulations. The report will also detail keys, appliance manuals, meter readings and provide a short property summary overview.

Schedule of Condition

The most important part of the inventory is the schedule of condition. This details the state of every part of the property, such as the floors (eg, wooden floors), walls, décor, doors and woodwork.  Many landlords assume that inventories are for furnished properties only, but the schedule of condition offers protection against damage to fixtures and fittings that may occur during the tenancy.  Therefore, it is vital to have an inventory even if the property is unfurnished.

Protecting all parties

We understand the importance of an accurate and consensual inventory document.  It is part of the legal documentation and issued at the start of a let to be retained by all parties.

The agent/landlord and tenant will receive a copy of this report on completion of the assessment unless otherwise agreed by email.  We can also provide an automated signature process for agents.  This automates the tenant signature process from the tenant, and sends out regular reminders to review the report.  Any comments made at this point will be recorded within the report.  This alleviates the need for agents to send out reminders to tenants.  For more information on this service please go to the DigiSign page.

Inventory storage

By using the very latest technology and audit tracking, the No Letting Go reports act as your compliance manager.  All documentation and digital photographs are retained by us here at No Letting Go for a period of seven years.

When used alongside our check-in or check-out reports, our detailed inventory report protects your assets and helps you to avoid potential disputes at the end of a tenancy.

A comprehensive inventory and check out forms the key evidence, if a dispute were to escalate to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).

Does the tenant need to attend

An inventory and schedule of condition can take hours to compile depending on the size of the property.  Therefore, it is not necessary for the tenant to attend whilst the assessment is conducted.  However, it is very important that the tenant reads and signs the inventory, or raises any concerns shortly after the tenancy begins.

This document will provide guidance to the tenant on how to return the property at the end of the tenancy, and minimise areas of dispute.

Reasons why both landlords and tenants need an independent property inventory

  • Conducting an inventory will give both parties an accurate assessment of the current state of the property
  • The property inventory will highlight any areas that need addressing
  • Having the document to hand will help tenants understand how the property should be returned to the landlord and provide a guideline on how the home should be maintained
  • The property inventory will help protect the landlords asset and the tenants deposit
  • Conducting a detailed inventory will help reduce disputes arising
  • In the event a dispute escalates to a deposit provider, the inventory and check out documentation will provide the key evidence

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