Are the current carbon monoxide regulations fit for purpose?

On the 30th April 2018, the government announced it would be reviewing the rules that require carbon monoxide alarms to be installed in homes across England.

Currently, the legislation states that all homes and private rental properties with solid fuel appliances, such as a boiler, require a carbon monoxide alarm.

But, is this mandatory requirement enough? Here’s a closer look at why carbon monoxide alarms are under review from the government.
Are Residents Adequately Protected?

This government review into carbon monoxide alarms will consider whether the current regulations are outdated.

Should a more comprehensive, widespread rule be in place? This would require an alarm to be installed for all forms of heating, including gas and oil.

As well as this, the review will look into whether the regulations need to be extended, for example to include social housing.

With carbon monoxide being described as a ‘silent killer’, this review is highly important. It could help to improve the safety of residents and reduce the threat of carbon monoxide poisonings across the UK.

The review has come about after fears that residents are not adequately protected.

As a result, the review will also look into recent research surrounding carbon monoxide poisonings, as well as whether the cost of alarms is impacting installation rates.

This review is an important step to ensuring homes across England are receiving the necessary protection.
How Will This Review Impact Landlords?

In October 2015, the government introduced legislation that required landlords to have a carbon monoxide alarm in any room used as living accommodation where solid fuel is used.

Introduced to improve the safety of those in rented accommodation, any landlord believed to be in breach of this could receive up to a £5,000 fine for each failure.

This review will put further pressure on landlords to ensure their properties meet safety requirements.

While tenants are advised to check their alarms monthly, it’s the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the alarms are working at the start of each tenancy. Evidence of this must also be provided.
How Can No Letting Go Help?

Our property inventory services will ensure you’re compliant with carbon monoxide regulations.

A carbon monoxide and smoke alarm test comes as part of our check-in service, which determines whether your alarms are in the correct location, and tests if they’re working when tenants move in. If necessary, we will also install new ones.

Alternatively, if carbon monoxide alarms are missing, we will fit them in the right place. Our alarm service is in place to guarantee landlords are compliant with regulations that ensure tenants’ safety.

Our quality and accuracy is unrivalled in the industry because of our many years of experience. As your property is your investment, we’re here to help you safeguard it. Find out more about how we can help you here.

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