The UK’s largest provider of property inventory management reporting services, No Letting Go, and mydeposits, which is powered by Total Property, are excited to announce a strategic partnership. This is the first stage in an exciting collaboration which will see the future integration of No Letting Go’s top-tier inventory management services and advanced reporting software, Kaptur, with mydeposits’ expertise in deposit protection and early resolution.

During this first phase, the collaboration will provide best practice and guidance to the industry. Watch this space for a revolutionary property management solution that will empower property professionals to manage reporting tasks independently, streamlining end to end tenancy management.
The partnership will ultimately increase protection for mydeposits members by combining reports and evidence into one simple system, providing a comprehensive audit trail of evidence to facilitate end of tenancy negotiations for letting agents, landlords and tenants. This will increase efficiency, reduce disputes, and guarantee compliance with regulatory standards. Benefits will include:

Streamlined operations: A unified, integrated approach to managing inventories and deposits, reducing administrative workload and improving efficiency
Reduced disputes: Fewer disputes due to accurate, detailed, and defensible inventory reports
Enhanced compliance: Better adherence to regulatory standards and reduced risk of non-compliance
Scalable solutions: Flexible services that can expand or contract based on demand without significant overhead costs
Improved customer satisfaction: Better service delivery, leading to higher satisfaction among landlords, letting agents, and tenants


Eddie Hooker, founder and CEO of mydeposits, said:
“mydeposits’ strategic partnership with No Letting Go is the natural next step, after a long working relationship based on a shared commitment to providing protection and peace of mind for landlords, agents and tenants throughout the lifecycle of a tenancy. This collaboration, which comes hot on the heels of the launch of our innovative new Total Property platform for custodial members, will eventually provide mydeposits members with an exclusive opportunity to access state-of-the-art technology and a nationwide network of trained professionals to create accurate and fully compliant property reporting, wherever they are and whenever they need it. We have enormous confidence in the positive impact it will have on improving compliance and customer retention, reducing costs, and facilitating negotiation, streamlining end of tenancy turnaround.”


Nick Lyons, co-founder and CEO of No Letting Go said:
“No Letting Go and mydeposits have already worked together for more than 15 years and delivered over one million reports, so we are excited about the additional protection and operational efficiency this collaboration will ultimately bring to our customers. At No Letting Go, we understand that many property professionals prefer having the autonomy to handle their inventory management and other property inspections in-house. That’s why we’ve partnered with Kaptur software to offer a flexible, scalable solution, to make sure our customers have the best of both worlds: professional, qualified inventory clerks on demand, without any additional overhead costs, with the capability of completing any report in-house if you need to. Flexible reporting, exactly when you need it.
Leveraging No Letting Go’s extensive professional network of over 400 on-demand inventory clerks, alongside Kaptur’s advanced reporting software, mydeposits customers will be directed to accurate, detailed, and defensible inventory reports, protecting all parties from end of tenancy disputes and guaranteeing compliance with all fire safety requirements, ensuring smoother end of tenancy processes.”
By combining the expertise of mydeposits and No Letting Go, this innovative new partnership will benefit a wide range of stakeholders in the private rented sector, including:

Letting agents and property managers: Particularly those managing large portfolios, facing high levels of seasonality, or dealing with multiple offices, inconsistent reporting and high staff turnover
Landlords: Those looking for effective management of inventories and deposits will benefit from fewer disputes and smoother negotiations due to highly detailed and accurate inventory reports, clear evidence and better property management
Tenants: Individuals seeking transparent and fair handling of deposit disputes and clear inventory processes
Residential property market: Including sectors such as build to rent, student housing, and large multi-branch agents, as well as users of CRM platforms like Reapit and Teclet
For more information, visit the partnership page

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