We can welcome new tenants by running through the inventory on site and provide a hassle free key handover service. We also offer an automated check-in and sign service, for clients who prefer to socially distance.

No Letting Go DigiSign (Automated Check-In Service)

Let Us Take Away the Hassle of Chasing Tenant Signatures

No Letting Go DigiSign can automate the tenant signature process, which enables the check in to be fully electronic, saving time and money. In addition, our new DigiSign function will take away the hassle of chasing the tenant signature once an inventory has been completed. After a short discussion with your local No Letting Go office to set up your desired parameters you will be ready to go. Gone are the days of time lost gathering signatures in favour of an automated signing system that makes the whole process run seamlessly. The short video below gives an overview of how our check in software works:

Meet the tenant or automate the service

At the start of the tenancy we will meet the tenant at the property, run through the inventory on-site and hand over the keys. We also offer an automated service for agents. This enables tenants to check in remotely through inventory check in software, submit comments and sign the inventory within a designated timescale. This is all managed by the No Letting Go property inventory clerk, so it removes the agent’s task of chasing tenants for signatures.

DigiSign – Automating the Signature Process

No letting Go’s DigiSign process works by sending out text or email reminders to the tenant with prompts to view, leave comments and sign the inventory. As the agent or landlord, you will be informed at each step of the process with a full audit trail available through our Kaptur Management Software. The tenant simply signs electronically via our link or adds additional comments and photos directly into the report. Any additions are verified by us and the report is returned. If the tenant forgets to respond following the reminders, no problem – the report is deemed accepted, and we notify the tenant.

Bespoke the Process to Fit with Yours

One of the unique features of No Letting Go’s DigiSign service is the level of customisation available, allowing us to tailor this service for each agent. You have the freedom to fit the process to your own by selecting the frequency and method of the reminders. Once set up is complete, the automation completely removes this task for you, and we will be able to take care of the tenant signing process going forward.

The Benefits of Using No Letting Go’s DigiSign

There are many benefits than can be realised through the adoption of No Lettings Go’s DigiSign into your inventory reporting process. Here are a few key points we would like to highlight.

Home Inspections

Home inspections are essential in property management for ensuring rental spaces are safe, functional, and presentable. No Letting Go’s DigiSign Automated Check-In service streamlines these inspections, marrying detailed property assessments with a paperless, automated system for ease and accuracy. This not only enhances efficiency for landlords and tenants during the check-in process but also ensures that every detail of the home’s condition is accurately logged and easily accessible.


DigiSign will automatically send the inventory for signing electronically on completion of the job. The signing process will then play out according to your defined parameters from the initial set up. No further input is required from an agent or landlord after set-up.


When the inventory is sent for signing, the option is there for the tenant to suggest amendments and upload pictures. At this point it is then the at the clerk’s discretion to accept or reject these comments. This can resolve small disputes with the inventory and prevent further problems.


All parties are kept well informed at all stages of the of the DigiSign process. At each action point an email or SMS is sent to the parties involved. At no point will you be unsure about what is happening with the inventory.


Tenants will sign electronically through check in software by following a link sent to them by email or SMS. Once signed this will be stored in our cloud and accessible in KMS. This prevents the need to store hard copies and prevents the risk of documents being lost.


You will have visibility at all times of the process via our portal KMS


Additional Services

We provide a number of property related services for letting and management agents, housing associations and retirement rentals.

Additional Services

We provide a number of property related services for letting and management agents, housing associations and retirement rentals.