In the intricate world of property management, ensuring comprehensive service coverage is paramount. No Letting Go, a leading name in the UK’s property inventory management sector, has been at the forefront of this mission. With a blend of innovative technology and customer-centric services, No Letting Go has been supporting both national and local agents in their property management endeavours. Let’s explore how this esteemed organisation achieves this.

24/7 Online Booking Portal for Property Professionals
One of the standout features of No Letting Go’s service suite is its 24/7 online booking portal. This cloud-based property inventory management system empowers national and local agents to manage all inventory ordering and report management seamlessly. With just a click, agents can book, track, and access reports, ensuring timely and efficient service delivery.

Tailored Services for Diverse Needs
No Letting Go understands that the property sector is diverse, with clients ranging from large national agents to small independents. To cater to this varied clientele, No Letting Go offers tailored services. Whether it’s a complete outsource service, leveraging their Kaptur software for in-house inventory management, or a combination of both, clients receive services that align perfectly with their operations and processes.

Guaranteed Protection with Comprehensive Reporting
No Letting Go takes pride in its guarantee that properties are safeguarded by their reports. Their end-of-tenancy check-out, in particular, assigns responsibility, be it to the tenant or landlord. Impressively, less than 0.01% of these reports end up in adjudication, as reported by My Deposits. This level of precision and reliability ensures that agents can trust the reports’ accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Audit Trail for Transparency and Accountability
A unique feature that sets No Letting Go apart is the presence of an audit trail on each job. This trail ensures transparency and accountability and can be instrumental in managing disputes and maintaining service levels. It’s a testament to No Letting Go’s commitment to delivering services that are not just efficient but also transparent.

National Coverage with a Local Touch
With over 80 offices and more than 300 inventory specialists nationally, No Letting Go ensures that clients, whether national or local, receive consistent and high-quality services. Clients have the flexibility to deal centrally through one point of contact or with the nearest office on a local basis. This blend of national coverage with a local touch ensures that clients receive services that are both comprehensive and personalised.

No Letting Go’s commitment to ensuring comprehensive service coverage is evident in its innovative solutions, tailored services, and unwavering dedication to excellence. By supporting both national and local agents, No Letting Go is not just enhancing the property inventory management sector but also ensuring that properties across the UK are safe, compliant, and well-managed.


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