Landlords and letting agents know the importance of looking after their properties and tenants in protecting their investments, but we have witnessed changing times over the past eighteen months. What new challenges to fulfilling these duties do these changes present?

The essential work of block management

To ensure proper maintenance of a residential block, inspections must be conducted regularly, and they should cover cleanliness, maintenance and fire and safety. There are several aspects to consider within each of these areas to ensure that a comprehensive inspection stays at the top of your legal and statutory obligations as a landlord or letting agent. The range of block management inspections offered by No Letting Go shows how thorough you need to be.

These inspections provide a full audit trail of issues raised, work undertaken and work to be done. Being able to remain on top of your block management and fire safety means that you can prevent larger, long term maintenance bills from problems left unnoticed. It’s also important not to underestimate the value of inspections and their positive impact on maintaining the rental value of your property.


Adapting to changing times

The importance of block management and fire safety never goes away. Responsibilities may evolve as legislation and statutory requirements change, but they remain essential in every landlord’s and agent’s duties for the welfare of residents and the protection of their property investment. More than ever, we need to make sure that the maintenance of properties and the welfare of their residents is a priority.

Due to lockdown, people have been spending more time at home, in shared facilities and in communal areas used more. People have also adapted their homes to support changing needs, such as working from home. The pressure of keeping on top of the maintenance, cleanliness and safety of residential blocks has grown, and those responsible for managing the work have had to ensure that their existing processes can adapt in response.


Flexibility is key

Flexibility is critical to adapting to changing requirements and circumstances. This means having access to a broad range of inventories that can be tailored to the specific needs of a property. Also important is the ability to increase or decrease the frequency of inspections as needed, access to inventories for those who need them, quick access to the database of audits and the ability to manage your inspection regime remotely (including obtaining signatures digitally).

While No Letting Go’s comprehensive block inspections are tailored to its needs, the technology we use and our national network effectively deliver the flexibility to perform these duties when and where needed. Cloud-based, to give easy access at any time, our services are supported by experts who complete inventories as frequently as needed and advise on audit outcomes.

Keeping on top of your block management makes commercial sense as well as meeting your welfare responsibilities to life and limb. A well maintained and safe living environment will attract and retain residents, and the inventories you use will be essential to achieving this goal.

No Letting Go 

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