Mid Tenancy

We can conduct a Mid Term Property Report to access how the property is being occupied and maintained. We also offer other services including Vacant Property Inspections and Abandonment Notices.

Mid-Term Property Reports

How often is a mid-term inspection conducted

A personal visit of a rental property is often the only opportunity to assess how the property is being occupied and maintained. Regular visits usually take place every three to six months and are often vital for landlords who are unable to do this themselves.

The benefits of an independent property visit

Instructing an independent inventory company ensures that the agent or landlord keeps a professional distance and will be provided with an objective mid-term report. Whilst these reports do not constitute a full inventory check, they do form the basis for assessing and highlighting any problems with the property.

It’s an opportunity to repair any minor problems before they spiral into major repairs. Something simple as a small leak can transform into a disaster if it’s neglected for long enough. Tenants tend to report serious issues, but many will not report minor issues until it is too late.

Also, it is easy to be unaware of problems, such as damp where the tenant has become accustomed to it, but someone else notices it the minute they walk through the door.

The visits also provide the opportunity to assess the tenants living conditions. If the property is not kept in good order, it may not be grounds to evict, but it will allow an agent/landlord to consider whether they wish to renew the tenancy when the fixed term comes to an end.

All parties will receive a copy of a mid-term report on completion of the assessment unless otherwise agreed by email. All copies of documentation and digital photographs are retained by No Letting Go for a period of seven years.

What does a mid-term report contain?

A mid-term report reports on the condition of the rental property. The report is a smaller version of an inventory report containing overview photographs, and notes the following:-

  • An overview of the condition of the property and its contents
  • Checks the property is being used by the named tenants only
  • Checks for maintenance work that may need carrying out
  • Checks for smoking and pets within the property

The mid tenancy report is a good way to build relationships with the tenants and check that the property is being treated in a satisfactory manner.

Why use No Letting Go for your mid-term inspection visits

We carry out thousands of mid-term inspections every year across the UK. Our reports contain photos and descriptions of the property, providing a good insight into how the property is being looked after, for both the agent and landlord.

We also retain a full audit trail of the reports conducted on a rental property, be it a mid-term inspection, inventory or check out.

Our inventory specialists will also confirm the appointment with the tenant prior to attending. We are happy to conduct the visit in an empty property or with the tenant present and can re-confirm the process with the tenant once at the property, and note down any concerns they have.

If you are an agent who conducts these visits in-house, our Kaptur software could provide a quick and easy solution to provide quick mid-term reports with an easy storage solution.

Why use No Letting Go for your mid-term inspections visits

We have introduced a Virtual Property Visit to keep visits going through COVID.  Our inventory specialists will conduct a 15-minute questionnaire over the phone with the tenant and then send the report to the tenant to review, upload photo’s and sign the report.  The completed report will be emailed to you as a PDF and stored on the No Letting Go portal, so it can be accessed at any time.


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We provide a number of property related services for letting and management agents, housing associations and retirement rentals.

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Additional Services

We provide a number of property related services for letting and management agents, housing associations and retirement rentals.