End of Tenancy

We will compare the condition of the property at the end of tenancy to the inventory report, and detail any missing items, damage, wear and tear and standard of cleanliness.

Pre Check Out Inspections

A pre-check out report is an opportunity to see any changes to the cleanliness, contents, and condition of the property in comparison to the check-in inventory. Investing in a professional pre-check out service can benefit both landlord and tenant. From ensuring smoother transitions to minimising the amount of maintenance needed, we explain how opting for a pre-check out service can save property professionals time and money.

What is A Pre-Check Out Service?

The purpose of a pre-check out service is to ensure that your tenant is fully aware that the property must be returned to its original condition as it was found on move-in day.

This service consists of a visit, in which property clerks inspect each room of the property and highlight specific items within it with actions ranging from ‘No action required’ to ‘Replacement required’. The original inventory report provides evidence of the state of the property at check-in.

This service provides tenants with a realistic view of the tasks required in order to return the property to an acceptable state and have their deposit returned in full.

Check-Out Procedure for Rental Property

Before we look at the process in more detail, here’s a quick overview of the standard check-out procedure for a private rental agreement;

  • The agent will notify tenants of their responsibilities at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the tenancy
  • Provide pre-check out service
  • Tenants return the property to original condition
  • Provide check-out visit on the last day of the tenancy
  • Provide check-out report
  • Tenant accepts/challenges report
  • Deposit return is negotiated
  • Deposit is released

Benefits for Landlords, Letting Agents & Property Professionals

Some of the benefits of providing your tenants with a pre-check out service include.

  • It makes the transition between tenants quicker and smoother
  • It minimises the amount of property maintenance needed between tenancies
  • It helps maintain a positive relationship between letting agent/landlord and tenant
  • It saves time and money
  • To sum up, pre-checkouts can be very valuable for time-poor landlords and property professionals seeking a quick turnaround and minimal maintenance work.

Tenant Check Out Responsibilities

Examples of the tasks and responsibilities that could be recommended at the pre-check out include;

  • Replace any furniture or furnishings that have been considerably damaged or stained beyond normal wear and tear
  • Cut the grass and trim back foliage in outdoor spaces
  • Thorough cleaning throughout
  • Defrost freezers
  • Replace old light bulbs
  • Clean inside of ovens and hobs
  • Clean soap dispenser within the washing machine
  • If present clean off mould, particularly in bathrooms
  • Remove all food and personal items from the property
  • Replace any items that were present at check-in
  • Ensure furniture is in the same position as at check-in
  • Once these tasks have been completed, tenants are much more likely to have their full deposit returned to them, minimising time-consuming disputes.

Pre-purchase Report

No Letting Go offers a pre-purchase report for agents/landlords looking to purchase properties for rental when they are not physically close to the property to conduct an on-site inspection.  The aim is to provide the prospective purchaser with a guide to the potential maintenance and repairs required on the property so they can assess the true value of the property as an investment.  The pre-purchase report would include the general condition of the exterior, outside and inside of the property includes items such as:-

  • General internal area measurement
  • Overview of the immediate area
  • An external condition such as brickwork, roof, guttering and chimney
  • Condition and contents of gardens
  • Internal condition including décor flooring and woodwork
  • Boiler and windows
  • Is it likely the bathroom and kitchen will need replacing

Additional Services

We provide a number of property related services for letting and management agents, housing associations and retirement rentals.

Additional Services

We provide a number of property related services for letting and management agents, housing associations and retirement rentals.