Looking to make the most of being a landlord? Hoping to be more efficient while reducing costs?

There are many ways this can be done! We’ve outlined them for you to help you maximise your opportunities.

Here’s how to get the most from your portfolio in 2019.

Always Run a Tenant Reference Check

If your properties are your source of income, who you let to can make or break your success.

There are a number of consequences that can arise from letting to an untrustworthy tenant! This could be anything from damage to your investment to a costly legal battle.

The result? You may be unable to let out that particular property for some time, causing potentially severe financial consequences.

The solution? Always run a tenant reference check with a professional company!

Meet Your Legal Responsibilities

From insurance to health and safety, landlords have number of requirements to meet. Failure to do so will make your property less desirable to live in.

So, if you’re looking to get the most from your portfolio – never cut corners when it comes to being a good landlord.

Inspect the Property Regularly

Landlords inspections are key for ensuring that your property is being maintained as agreed. As well as this, you’ll appear hands-on and attentive to detail.

When visiting the property, ensure you’re thorough. Keep a record – this will make it easier to determine fair wear and tear from recent damage.

Treat it Like a Business

For many, bricks and mortar aren’t seen as a source of income. However, if you’re a landlord, the opposite is true.

This means you should treat it as such! While being approachable will help you form a strong relationship with your tenants, you should have a business mind.

Here – a structured and organised approach is key:

  • Who’s dealing with your finances?
  • Which Tenancy Deposit Scheme are you using?
  • If you’re unable to look after your property for any reason, such as a holiday, who will take your place?
  • If you’re using an agent, are their fees covered?

Keep Researching the Market

Research shouldn’t stop once your properties are let out! The local area, and what people want from it, is constantly changing.

Always have a target tenant in mind – for example a one-bed flat is unlikely to appeal to a market where many families rent.

Work to Reduce Void Periods

All landlords want to prevent void periods! However, this can be easier said than done.

If you keep coming up against this issue, it’s time to start taking it more seriously. Here are some solutions you may not have considered:

Maintain the Property Regularly

In 2019, resolve to see property maintenance not as an extra expense – but an investment. Often, what you put in is what you’ll get out.

This doesn’t just apply when trying to attract new tenants. For existing tenants, regular maintenance is key also. It can help you form a good relationship with them, as well as help justify reasonable rent increases.

Remember – it pays to look after your tenants!

Have Set Processes for Dealing With Issues

What procedure do you follow if something goes wrong?

For example, if a tenant falls behind on their rent, what do you do? You should already know the answer to this before it happens. Part of getting the most of your portfolio is understanding that problems can arise – and knowing how to deal with them.

Ideally, if you’re organised enough, you’ll take a proactive, rather than reactive approach.

Keep a Paper Trail

If you’re meeting all the safety requirements, ensure you have proof of this. From legionella risk assessments to smoke detector installation, it’s handy to have a paper trail.

Have a Detailed, Thorough Inventory

One way of ensuring your investment is secure? Have a comprehensive inventory.

This shouldn’t be just a collection of pictures, but a full and thorough report. The key here is clarity – so no issues can arise. Remember, simple facts aren’t enough; details are necessary for determining a weak inventory from a strong one.

This has multiple benefits to all parties, such as reducing the risk of deposit disputes.

But, many landlords struggle to put these together themselves. There’s lack of time and know-how for example! What’s more, even when landlords do put together DIY inventories, they’re often insufficient.

Luckily, we have a solution. Our professional, comprehensive property inventory services will take the hassle out of the process for you. From check-in to check-out, your investment will be protected!

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